Salt River Boys

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Venue: 58 Main
Performance Times: TBA
Genre: Music / Folk / Bluegrass
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The Salt River Boys play Old-time Appalachian songs and fiddle tunes.

“Old-time”, for those unacquainted, was the precursor to Bluegrass – and while similar, the two are quite different. It is a rough and casual style of music – not showy – and often energetic but not always pretty – much like the Boys themselves.

This music sprang from the mountain south, where rhythmic banjo playing from African slaves collided with fiddle tunes brought by the Scotch-Irish mountain settlers. It was some of the earliest recorded music in the world and was played across the continent for nearly two hundred years until it was unseated by Bluegrass roundabout the 1940s. It still has a small but devoted following.

The Salt River Boys are Nate Sims, a timber framer and farmer from the outskirts of Happytown on fiddle; and Sean Gambrel, a map maker and radio nerd from Bangor on banjo. They’ll be backed on guitar by James Reiss, custodian of the sexiest beard in town and Bangor brewer extraordinaire.